A delegation of the Moldovan Parliament will take part in the solemn sitting to mark the 160th anniversary of the Romanian Senate

Members of the Committee on Foreign Policy and European Integration will pay a working visit to the Romanian Parliament from 17-18 June 2024.

According to Parliament’s Communication and Public Relations Directorate, the delegation includes MPs Ina Cosheru, Alina Dandara, Mihail Drutsa, Vitalie Jacot, and Mariana Lucreteanu.

The parliamentary delegation will take part in the solemn sitting organized to mark the 160th anniversary of the founding of the Romanian Senate.


In Bucharest, the elected representatives of the people will hold talks with the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, with the chair of the Senate’s Foreign Policy Committee, Titus Corlatean, and with senators who are members of the Committee, and with the chair of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Rozalia Biro. The agenda also includes meetings with the Chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Defence, Public Order and National Security, Nicoleta Pauliuc, the Secretary of State for European Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Daniela Grigore Gitman, the Minister for European Investment and Projects, Adrian Caciu.

Discussions with Bucharest officials will focus on Romania’s support and expertise in Moldova’s accession to the European Union, the advancement of joint projects, and European support to strengthen Moldova’s resilience.

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