A low-cost airline operating flights to Moldova will also land in China

Jozsef Varadi, CEO of airline Wizz Air, has suggested offering flights possibility to parts of China soon. The statement comes amid a significant increase in the company’s financial involvement in China and the receipt of Airbus planes from the factory in Tianjin, China, reports BANI.MD.

During an interview with CGTN Europe, Varadi addressed the possibility of Wizz Air offering flights to cities like Shanghai or Beijing with its new A321 neo planes. While acknowledging that distance might pose a challenge for the airplanes in the current fleet, he emphasized that the company does not dismiss this option.

“I would say that China will become accessible, not totally, but in parts, for Wizz Air,” Varadi said.


He also emphasized China’s growing importance for the company, highlighting that Chinese financial institutions finance 62 of the 208 Wizz Air fleet planes, with another 19 set to join.

“We have a third of the fleet financed in and from China,” the Wizz Air CEO pointed out.

This revelation suggests a significant expansion of the company’s operations shortly in an emerging and growing market like China.

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