Ana Revenco had a discussion with the French Ambassador to Moldova

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Ana Revenco, had a discussion with the Ambassador of France to the Republic of Moldova, Graham Paul. Therefore, during the meeting, officials discussed the regional situation, the challenges and risks to national security, but also the institutional needs to ensure the development and strengthening of capacities to ensure public order and protection.

Likewise, issues regarding the finalization of the Letter of Intent between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France were addressed, with its subsequent signing. At the same time, the minister expressed her interest in organizing a meeting with her French counterpart.

“We continue to focus on ensuring both local and regional security. We need support in developing and promoting the extended border security belt. Only in this way, we can guarantee the protection and safety of our citizens, but also of the citizens of the European region “, Ana Revenco underlined.

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In this context, training opportunities for MIA employees were identified for training in participation in international missions, in emergency situations, as well as in the specialization in detecting false documents.

Ambassador Graham Paul appreciated the mobilization shown by the internal affairs system in managing the refugee crisis and said that he was open to intensifying bilateral cooperation on the security level and to identifying the possibilities for providing the necessary assistance.

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