Are you planning to travel with pets? Here’s what you need to know before you hit the road

The Customs Service has some recommendations for people who travel with pets.

Pets may be brought into the Republic of Moldova only if they meet the conditions in the Veterinary Regulation on the non-commercial movement of pets. Please note that the maximum number of pets that may accompany the owner or an authorized person during a single non-commercial movement may not exceed five.

According to the Customs Service, pets may be introduced into our country through customs posts where National Food Safety Agency (ANSA) border inspection posts are located, as follows:

Sculeni Customs Post (PVFI, road);
Ungheni Customs Post (PVFI, railway);
Giurgiulești 1 Customs Post (PVFI, road);
Giurgiulesti Customs Post 2 (PVFI, road);
ZCV Giurgiulesti (rail), PIL Giurgiulesti (PVFI);
ZCV Giurgiulesti port (river), PIL Giurgiulesti (PVFI);
Cahul Customs Post (PVFI, road);
Etulia Customs Post (PVFI, rail);
Criva Customs Post1 (PVFI, road);
Criva2 Customs Post (PVFI, railway);
Chisinau International Airport Customs Post (PVFI, air);
ZCV Calea Ferrata, Chisinau Regional Customs Post1 (PVI);
Chisinau Customs Post4 (PVI, Post);
Cuciurgan Customs Post (PVFI, road);
Leuseni Customs Post (PVFI, road);
Tudora Customs Post (PVFI, road).


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