Arestovych: „What will the so-called Transnistrian army be able to conquer?”

Aleksey Arestovych, an adviser to the President of Ukraine, talked about how significant the threat to Ukraine from Transnistria really is, in response to a question from a Moldovan journalist from Nord-News.

„I am very skeptical of this. The so-called Transnistrian army has not been able to utilize its military equipment and weapons for a long time. Therefore, as a military force, even if it appeals to those 15 thousand people it has […] it is unlikely that it will be able to survive. Considering the fighting experience of Ukraine, what will the so-called Transnistrian army be able to conquer?”, asked the Ukrainian adviser rhetorically.

MoreoverMoreover, he said that Ukraine understands the position the Republic of Moldova has taken, to not apply any sanctions to Russia, adding that sanctions from countries like Moldova and Georgia would not be very significant.

Zelenski’s adviser also expressed his wish for the Republic of Moldova to resolve the Transnistrian issue as soon as possible. He reiterated the position of Kiev, which perceives the territory of our country within the internationally recognized borders.

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