Around 750 applications have been submitted to the European Village Program 2024. More than 80% of municipalities participated in a project

Today, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spinu, announced the outcomes of the initial phase of the European Village Program 2024, revealing that a remarkable 748 applications were submitted. Astonishingly, over 80% of city halls nationwide are engaged in proposing projects for consideration.

“The resounding success of the European Village 2024, evidenced by the enthusiastic response of numerous mayors, surpasses even our initial expectations,” remarked Andrei Spinu.

Highlighting the thematic diversity of the applications, Minister Spînu noted that 42% of the projects focused on water supply and sanitation, with over 20% allocated for energy efficiency enhancements. Additionally, 15% of proposals aimed at modernizing sports infrastructure, while 9% centered on the restoration of cultural heritage sites.


“Furthermore, a plethora of projects aimed at initiatives such as public lighting, renewable energy development, etc. predominantly originated from the northern and central regions. On average, each municipality actively engaged with almost one project per region,” he elaborated.

Following the submission phase, the program proceeds to two evaluation stages, commencing with an administrative evaluation conducted by the National Office for Regional and Local Development, adhering strictly to the Program Regulations.

To date, the European Village and the Express European Village programs have facilitated the implementation of over 700 projects, resulting in the construction or renovation of more than 900 km of aqueducts, 211 km of sewage networks, drafting of 36 urban plans, rehabilitation of over 140 public buildings, expansion of public lighting, and the reconstruction of schools and kindergartens, accompanied by the establishment of contemporary playgrounds.

The European Village program, initiated in 2022 under the leadership of Head of State Maia Sandu, continues to serve as a pivotal mechanism for financing initiatives aimed at local development.

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