The International Mayors Summit 2024 to award Local Partnerships

On April 11, 2024, in Dănceni, Moldova will host the International Mayors Summit 2024, a gathering that underscores the essence of collaborative progress in urban and rural development. Organized by the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) and supported by partners such as Primaria Mea, Comunitatea Plus, CIPE, and Cities 4 Cities, the Summit promises to be a milestone event with a special focus on rewarding exemplary city partnerships through the inaugural Power of Partnership Award.

This year, the Summit introduces the Power of Partnership Award, specially crafted by Petro Gronsky, an Ukrainian artist, to honor the fruitful collaborations that have led to significant advancements in community development and urban transformation. This award is designed to recognize the achievements of these partnerships but also to inspire further collaboration among cities.

A standout example of what partnership can achieve is reflected in the inauguration of the Public Park in Băcioi. This project exemplifies the impact of cooperative efforts on improving life quality. The park, revitalized from an underused area into a 1.36-hectare oasis, now serves as a beacon of communal joy and engagement.


This transformation was made possible through a synergistic funding approach, combining local efforts, contributions from the National Fund for Regional and Local Development, and substantial aid from Romanian partners – an exemplary model of cross-border collaboration.

Announcing the Award Recipients The Summit will celebrate the following partnerships, showcasing the diverse and dynamic nature of city collaborations across Europe:

● Mykolaiv (Ukraine) – Chełm (Poland)
● Vinnytsia (Ukraine) – Karlsruhe (Germany)
● Khmelnytskyi (Ukraine) – Šiauliai (Lithuania) + Ciechanów (Poland)
● Chortkiv (Ukraine) – Caravaggio (Italy)
● Kopychyntsi (Ukraine) – Liskeard (UK) + Cavarzere (Italy)
● Bilogorodka (Ukraine) – Tyresö (Sweden)
● Dănceni (Moldova) – Filipeștii de Pădure (Romania)
● Edineț (Moldova) – Alba Iulia (Romania)
● Băcioi (Moldova) – Oradea (Romania)
● Sireți (Moldova) – Tulucești (Romania)

Each partnership highlights a unique journey towards achieving mutual goals, from cultural exchanges to infrastructural developments, setting a precedent for future collaborative endeavors.

The Summit will celebrate these existing partnerships but also serve as a catalyst for new collaborative initiatives, particularly urging Ukrainian and Moldovan cities to explore new opportunities for cooperation.


Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), funded by USAID, is a pioneering $285 million fund in Ukraine and Moldova, investing over $188 million in 136 companies and unlocking $2.4 billion over 29 years.

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