Danger to the EU? Moldovans who attended Shor’s protests in Bucharest are prohibited from entering Romania

Romania has imposed entry bans on 116 individuals who participated in the Shor protests in Bucharest during the European People’s Party congress. Viorel Tentiu, head of the Interpol Bureau in Moldova, confirmed the information to Ziarul de Garda.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry imposed the ban, but Tentiu did not specify its duration.

“The ban was implemented after analysis concluded that these young individuals posed a threat to Romania’s national security. Furthermore, this pertains to Romania. If other young individuals pose a threat to other European nations, the same prohibition will be enforced as they directly endanger the national security of any state,” said Viorel Tentiu.

The official did not exclude the possibility of extending the list.


It is important to mention that the funding of the protests in Bucharest during Maia Sandu’s visit was announced at a press conference by the head of the National Police, Viorel Cernauteanu, and the chief anti-corruption prosecutor, Veronica Dragalin, as being provided by an organized criminal group.

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