Aurescu admires the determination of the Moldovans: Superimposed and artificially generated crises

The Republic of Moldova is facing several overlapping and artificially generated crises, believes the head of Romanian diplomacy, Bogdan Aurescu. The official is of the opinion that they are intended to undermine the reforms.

The statements were made by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Bucharest in an interview given to Agerpres. In this context, Aurescu also referred to the decrease in the volume of gas delivered by Gazprom.

“However, the vigor and determination with which the authorities and citizens of the Republic of Moldova stand up to these massive challenges is remarkable”, declared Aurescu.


The official reiterated the importance that the allies attach to the stability of the Republic of Moldova, in the context of the war in Ukraine, referring to the participation of his Moldovan counterpart, Nicu Popescu, in the NATO summit that will be held in Bucharest.

“The international support granted to the Republic of Moldova, as well as to the other partner states, is crucial for maintaining them in a direct relationship with the Euro-Atlantic community of security and values. On the other hand, the presence, as guests, of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, which recently obtained the status of a candidate for EU accession through the historic decision of the European Council of June 2022, respectively of Georgia, a state with a European perspective recognized by the same decision, will offer us an important opportunity for dialogue regarding their European future and the concrete ways in which Romania, together with the other EU member states, can support this path”, Aurescu said.

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