Austrian President of Parliament Sobotka Visits Moldova, Pledging Support for European Integration

President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, met today, May 16, with the President of the National Council of the Republic of Austria, Wolfgang Sobotka. “This is the first visit to the Republic of Moldova by a president of the Austrian parliament in the 31 years since the establishment of Moldovan-Austrian diplomatic relations,” the legislative body announced.

“This visit once again demonstrates that Moldovans and the Republic of Moldova are not alone in our process of European integration,” said Igor Grosu, at the beginning of the discussions.

The two parliamentary presidents discussed the reform agenda of the Republic of Moldova regarding justice, energy security, and information security. Igor Grosu also referred to the ambitious plan of our country to start negotiations for accession to the European Union by the end of 2023. “It is not an easy road to travel, but we have determination, political will, and the support of our citizens,” said the head of the legislature.


During the meeting, current issues were also discussed, including opportunities to intensify cooperation between our country and the Republic of Austria.

Officials agreed that the two countries should become partners in several infrastructure projects, digitization projects, and that the Republic of Moldova should benefit from Austrian expertise in areas such as agriculture, green energy, and industry. The President of the Parliament mentioned that Austria has always been a reliable partner for our country, and we continue to rely on its support.

“Europe is strong only together” – is the message that Speaker Sobotka conveyed during the meeting and which will be transmitted to all participants in the “European Moldova” Assembly, which will take place on May 21, in the Great National Assembly Square, the legislative body officials added.

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