Balkan Pharmaceuticals invested 1.5 million euros in its green transition

On October 12, 2022, Balkan Pharmaceuticals launched the second largest photovoltaic park in the Republic of Moldova. The launch took place in the premises of the industrial complex for the production of medicines in the town of Sângera. The event was attended by both representatives of the pharmaceutical company and his excellency, Cristian Leon Ţurcanu, the Romanian ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Dragoș Guțu, the general director of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency and Mr. Valeriu Popa, the mayor of Sângera.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals represents a company with Romanian private capital, being the largest Romanian investment in the Republic of Moldova. During the sunny period of the day, the installations will ensure the production of up to 100% of the electricity required for the manufacturing process and related processes.

Vasile Cazacu

“Balkan Pharmaceuticals represents a company with Romanian private capital, present for 16 years on the market in the Republic of Moldova, with continuous investments being made. 6 years ago we launched the production factory in Sîngera, now, over six years ago we launched a photovoltaic park. At the time of the initiation of this project, the main goal was to reduce pollution, it had a more ecological aspect, but along the way, with the evolution of the situation, the emergence of the crisis and the continuous increase in energy tariffs, it acquired a strategic importance. For the good operation of the production facilities, we need large amounts of electricity at a reasonable price, permanently, without interruption. The photovoltaic park with 2 Megawatts of installed power, the value of the investment was 1.5 million euros. ” said Vasile Cazacu, the general director of Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

Valeriu Popa

The mayor of the city of Sîngera, where the photovoltaic park was built, emphasizes the importance of the park both for Balkan Pharmaceuticals and for the locality and energy consumption throughout the country.

“Considering the situation at the energy level of the Republic of Moldova, a crisis situation, of course a photovoltaic park is a welcome investment, an investment in energy security, including the country, because we have also seen the call of the central authorities to save, especially during peak hours. When photovoltaic parks appear, even if it is used 100% by the economic agent, this means that the economic agent no longer uses electricity from the grid, but uses its own resources. This is the second largest photovoltaic park in the Republic of Moldova and we are glad that it is being built in the city of Sîngera.” said the mayor of Sîngera, Valeriu Popa.

Cristian Leon Ţurcanu

Cristian Leon Ţurcanu, the ambassador of Romania in the Republic of Moldova, mentioned during the event that the park has the capacity to ensure the energy needs of the medicine factory.

“I’m glad that a Romanian company had this visionary idea to create its own energy source. Thus, it can ensure an annual average of 70% of its electricity needs, and in peak hours it can exceed 100%, which means that Balkan Pharmaceuticals can become an electricity supplier in the network of the Republic of Moldova.” said Mr. Cristian Leon Ţurcanu, Romania’s ambassador to the Republic of Moldova.


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