Gazprom reduces gas deliveries to the left of the Dniester by 40%

The Russian giant Gazprom has announced that it will reduce gas supplies to the region on the left of the Dniester River by 40%, starting in November. The statement was made by the leader from Tiraspol, Vadim Krasnoselski, who stated that in October the volume was reduced by 30%.

Vadim Krasnoselski also announced that household consumers will not be affected, but the volume of gas delivered to the Metallurgical Plant, the Cuciurgan Thermal Power Plant and the cement plant will be reduced.


Moldovagaz announced that it will come with a comment on this topic later.

Following the reduction of gas supplies by 40% in the left region of the Dniester, the Republic of Moldova risks being left without electricity. 70% of the electricity that is currently needed is imported from the Cuciurgan Power Plant. Starting from October 14, 30% are improted from Romania.

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