Bessarabia’s True History: Historian Mugur Andronic Confronts Falsification and Russian Propaganda

The history of Bessarabia has been falsified and continues to be distorted, and Russian propaganda works against the rapprochement with Romania and the European Union. These statements were made by historian and writer Mugur Andronic from Suceava in an interview for Jurnal TV. Present in Chișinău, a doctor in historical sciences, he told us about the forgeries conceived by the Soviet Empire, as well as the current ones promoted by the Kremlin.

MUGUR ANDRONIC, doctor in historical sciences: “Moldova, since its formation in the 14th century, has meant Romanians, because the hundreds of villages formed after 1359 are made with this element from Maramureș and Transylvania. They fled from there, as Romanians, Bessarabians, and other East Carpathian peoples do today, for a better life.”

Mugur Andronic believes that over time, there has been a desire for the Russification of the space between the Prut and the Dniester by promoting multiple falsehoods and manipulations. “History repeats itself,” says the writer.

MUGUR ANDRONIC: “When you see statements from Moscow, think that everything is the other way around. For example, Zakharova, who literally makes me sick: ‘The current government is romanizing the Republic of Moldova.’ How can they romanize when we have been Romanians from the beginning? Putin, in the Russian style, always twisted things to confuse people, so as to explain why there is a war. Nowadays, he says it’s national liberation. What national liberation? It was the same with Bessarabia in 1944.”

The historian issued a call to the people of Bessarabia, who nostalgically remember the Soviet period.

MUGUR ANDRONIC: “Good people, I know it’s very hard to understand and accept that you lived in a total lie because during the Soviet era, a ‘chelovek’ earned ten rubles, but a free person from Western Europe, the European Union, earned a salary eight times higher and went on vacations and had a car and so on. Going back to the past means turning towards evil.”

Mugur Andronic is a professor, doctor in historical sciences, and a laureate of the Romanian Academy. In a career of almost 40 years, he has written 20 books and over 100 studies about the history of Romanians.


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