Breaking News! The CSE demanded the suspension of 6 TV channels, including those affiliated with the Şor Party

Six Moldovan TV channels will remain without broadcast license from Monday, December 19. A decision to this effect was taken by the Commission for Exceptional Situations (CSE) on December 16th.

According to the decision, it affects the TV channels TV6, Orhei TV, Primul in Moldova and Accent TV, NTV Moldova and RTR Moldova.

The decision of the CSE regarding the suspension of the six TV channels was taken due to “multiple findings from the monitoring reports of the Audiovisual Council regarding the violations of the Audiovisual Media Services Code of the Republic of Moldova, implicitly the application of sanctions for the lack of correct information in the coverage of national events, but also of the war from Ukraine,. During the state of emergency, the broadcasting license for the following television services is suspended”.


The President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, came with a reaction to the decision of the Commission for Exceptional Situations to suspend, during the state of emergency, the broadcast license of six television stations. The concerned TV channels are Accent TV, NTV Moldova, Orhei TV, Primul in Moldova, RTR Moldova and TV6. “The decision is based on the findings of the Audiovisual Council, which show the lack of correct information in the coverage of the events in the country and the war started by Russia against Ukraine and comes to protect the national information space and prevent disinformation”, the head of state pointed out.

Also, President Maia Sandu emphasized that, in the uncertain situation we are in, it is very important to prevent any attempt to destabilize the country. “Preserving peace and stability in Moldova is our priority, in the difficult context we are in, with war on the border. And protecting the national informational space is an important step for preventing destabilization attempts, set up by people subject to international sanctions. We cannot admit that, in this period full of challenges, the security of the state and the peaceful life of the citizens are endangered by fugitives who want only one thing – to escape justice”, concluded the head of state.

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