Castel MIMI is the most popular winery in the Republic of Moldova among Internet users

Castel MIMI is the Moldovan winery that enjoys the greatest popularity among Internet users, according to statistics on followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Google search engine. The data was collected by BANI.MD.

On Instagram, Castel MIMI has 22.5 thousand followers, followed by Purcari winery with 21 thousand followers and EtCetera – 17.9 thousand.

On Facebook, the top 3 most popular wineries are Purcari, Castel MIMI, and Asconi.

At the same time, Google Castel MIMI made a strong leap and surpassed all the wineries in the country. Thus, MIMI Castle has 3098 reviews, Asconi – 1555, and Chateau Vartely – 791 reviews.

On June 1, Castel MIMI hosted one of the most important events in the history of the Republic of Moldova – the Summit of the European Political Community. This meeting was attended by 45 heads of state or government from all over Europe and almost 1000 journalists from different countries.

On June 1, Castel MIMI became the center of Europe, where the most important political, economic, and security topics were discussed.

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