Chisinau Corners Tiraspol! Carp: Time to Start the Reintegration Process

In a statement on a show on Jurnal TV, Lilian Carp, a deputy from the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), announced that all economic agents, regardless of location, are now placed on equal footing in the Republic of Moldova. This significant step marks an important moment in the efforts to reintegrate the separatist Transnistrian region.

Lilian Carp emphasized that this decision eliminates the previous discrimination against economic agents in the Republic of Moldova and underscores the fact that they operate on the country’s territory, even though the separatist administration in Tiraspol self-proclaims independence. Additionally, the PAS deputy revealed that there is an action plan prepared by the authorities in Chisinau to deal with possible blackmail from Tiraspol, including providing compensation to affected farmers.

“Until now, there has been discrimination against economic agents in the Republic of Moldova, and now it has been achieved that all economic agents are placed on equal terms. It is a decision through which we send a few messages: they operate on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, even if they self-proclaim independence, and it is time to begin the process of reunification of the Republic of Moldova,” stated Lilian Carp.


Carp also emphasized that the administration in Tiraspol no longer can impose conditions, mentioning that changes in the logistics of the region have reduced their influence. In the context of these events, it is noteworthy that on the morning of Thursday, January 11, several employees of enterprises in the left bank of the Dniester protested against the introduction of customs duties by Chisinau.

This recent development opens up new perspectives in the relations between the two parties and indicates that the dialogue for the reintegration of the Republic of Moldova is at a crucial moment.

As of January 1, 2024, the new Customs Code of the Republic of Moldova came into effect, under which firms in Transnistria will have to pay customs duties to the budget of the Republic of Moldova. Until now, although companies in the Transnistrian region were registered in Chisinau as Moldovan economic agents, they paid customs duties to the Transnistrian budget.

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