Curararu: “The war will be long. We need to prepare for the worst-case scenario”

“The war will be long. We need to prepare for the worst-case scenario.” This opinion was expressed by security expert Andrei Curararu in the program “Territory of Freedom” with Lilia Burakovski on RliveTV.

Last week, the Financial Times reported that Moldova has agreed to expand intelligence sharing, conducted joint military exercises, and participated in a joint arms purchase program with the EU. The Moldovan Foreign Ministry confirmed that such a document is being prepared and discussed. It talks about security cooperation, particularly cyber security.

According to Curararu, the EU is trying to help Moldova ensure security.

“The EU intends to help us with defense procurement, which is costly if we talk about small amounts. They said that the EU grants will cover part of our purchases. The second point is that we will circulate special services and information almost in real-time. There are elements of synchronization of security data not only between Moldova and some countries but also according to the European format (it helped us with the provocations that took place in Transnistria), as well as the issue of financing. The third point is related to our contingent, which can participate in international missions under the auspices of the EU. It also includes elements to combat cybersecurity threats and disinformation. The document does not contain a single word about Russia,” the security expert said.


The security expert states that the army will undergo modernization rather than expansion to adjust to the evolving nature of warfare.

“To date, security means the purchase of drones, radars, and air defense systems. Not all ‘actors’ are guided by logic. We believe that Moldova is not a target – it is not a long-term strategy. In principle, we do not interfere. However, other countries want to increase their territories and restore empires. At the moment, the logic of the Russian state is the logic of war. According to the appointments in the Russian Defense Ministry, we can assume that the war will be long. We need to prepare for the worst-case scenario, anticipating that we will face the full extent of hybrid warfare. Unfortunately, maintaining neutrality is costly,” summarized Andrei Curararu. 

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