Deputy Prime Minister Cristina Gherasimov in Balti: ” We discussed the advantages of EU membership for every citizen”

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Cristina Gherasimov visited Balti on May 19 to celebrate Europe Day with hundreds of residents. The event was also attended by Deputy Speaker Doina Gherman, Ambassador Janis Mazeiks, and ambassadors from EU member countries, according to the government’s communication department.

“I enjoyed meeting the wonderful people of Balti, connecting with the spirit of Europe, and discussing the benefits of EU membership for every citizen and locality in our country. European integration is our generation’s project, one that can and should unite us,” said Cristina Gherasimov.

In her conversations with citizens, she emphasized that a peaceful and free future, along with opportunities for development and progress, is a common aspiration for all citizens—entrepreneurs, employees, students, and pensioners alike—regardless of whether they are Moldovan, Ukrainian, Russian, Gagauz, or Bulgarian.


Cristina Gherasimov congratulated the people of Balti on the event and thanked everyone who came to celebrate the diversity and beauty of the European project. She reiterated a strong “YES” for a European Moldova, the country we want for ourselves and future generations.

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