Deputy Prime Minister Spinu, assures that Moldova will not run out of natural gas supply

Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, is convinced that the Republic of Moldova will not run out of natural gas in the event that transit through Ukraine is stopped. The statement comes after Kiev halted the transit of Russian gas to Europe by 1/3. Andrei Spinu also says that if Gazprom decides to terminate the purchase contract and stop delivering natural gas to Moldova, Chisinau will buy gas from the international market.

For May, the Republic of Moldova purchases 70% of the total electricity from the Cuciurgan Power Plant, and the 30% deficit is purchased from the company Ukrhidroenergo (Ukraine), informs Although Energorom announced that the purchase price is a commercial secret, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu made public the average purchase price for May, which is about $ 66.7. He also gives assurances that the electricity tariffs for the final consumers, for now, will remain unchanged.

At the same time, Spinu says that the Republic of Moldova can be technically assured with natural gas, if Ukraine stops transit. The official gives assurances that the Republic of Moldova will have gas even if Gazprom terminates the contract, citing the reason for non-compliance with the provisions of the protocol. According to the agreement signed with Gazprom, Chisinau has undertaken to carry out an audit of Moldovagaz’s debts by May 1st. Due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the audit procedure has not yet started.

“The good part is that the Iasi-Chisinau gas pipeline is functional, if the transit through Ukraine is stopped, we can bring gas on this route, or on the trans-Balkan route in the south of the country. In our case there are no risks, we have several technical solutions to supply the country with gas. If Gazprom terminates the contract in the absence of an audit, Moldova will not run out of gas. We are in a much better situation than in the fall, we have now more friends who are ready to help us. We are ready to go and buy from the international market “, said Andrei Spinu.

Yesterday, Moldovagaz came with a call to citizens to pay their gas bills in a timely manner, so as not to admit arrears to Gazprom.

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According to the contract, the Republic of Moldova pays until the 20th of each month for the natural gas consumed in the previous month and 50% of the volume of gas consumed in the current month.

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