Discover the Natural and Cultural Beauty of Moldova with the Tourist Guide of the “Prutul de Jos” and Frumoasa-Crihana

EcoContact and the Ecological Consultancy Center Cahul have launched the Tourist Guide of “Prutul de Jos” Biosphere Reserve and the localities of the Frumoasa-Crihana hydrographic sub-basin. The main goal of the guide is to increase awareness and sensitivity towards the protected area’s value and ecosystem services, especially from the perspective of climate change impact.

The tourist guide, created under the project “Strengthening Adaptation Measures to Climate Change in the Prutul de Jos Biosphere Reserve,” is funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) with funds from the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). It features 55 tourist attractions from 13 localities in the area. For a unique tourist experience, an easier planning of tourist routes, and a clearer visualization of these routes, the tourist guide is accompanied by an illustrated map with the locations’ coordinates.

The tourist guide is intended for nature enthusiasts and those who want to explore Moldova’s beauty and tradition-rich region. The localities included in the guide are Crihana Veche, Colibasi, Cîșlița-Prut, Brînza, Văleni, Cahul, Slobozia Mare, Manta, Giurgiulești, Vadul lui Isac, Andrușul de Jos, Andrușul de Sus, and Satul Roșu.


Larisa Cupcea, EcoContact project manager, said: “Through this tourist guide, we hope to increase tourists’ awareness and responsibility towards protecting the environment and the role each of us plays in combating climate change, especially in protected areas. Whether you want to explore old churches, visit authentic houses, walk on tourist routes, or enjoy the unique beauty of ‘Prutul de Jos’ Biosphere Reserve’s nature, our guide will help you discover the most beautiful places in this part of Moldova.”

The tourist guide and the illustrative map are also available in digital format and can be downloaded by accessing: TOURIST GUIDE: tourist attractions in the Frumoasa-Crihana Sub-basin and “Prutul de Jos” Biosphere Reserve and ILLUSTRATED MAP. For more information about the tourist guide and our activities, we invite you to visit our website:

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