Do subsidies for agriculture in Moldova really make a difference?

The Agency for Intervention and Payments for Agriculture announces that out of 10 832 filed applications for financing, only 1983 were accepted, which means that just two out of ten submitted or two out of ten, writes

The authorized amount for financing was 305.2 million lei out of a total of 1.7 billion lei. 50% of this amount has already been directed for the payment of arrears to subsidies of 2021.

At the same time, AIPA data reveals that the most money from subsidies was received by farmers from Ocnița – 23.8 million lei, Orhei – 19.7 million lei, and Edineț with 17.5 million lei.

The farmers from Basarabeasca received the least money – 1.4 million lei and Dubasari – 1.8 million lei.


The highest weight of the requests being registered in the fields for investments in the development of the post-harvesting and processing infrastructure, the value of the subsidies summarized – 446.82 million lei (810 applications), followed by the investments made in the procurement of agricultural technique and equipment – 4062 million. of lei (2976 requests), lending to agricultural producers – 250.33 million lei (4205 requests), investments in the establishment/modernization of multiannual plantations – 193.94 million lei (923 requests) and zootechnics – 219.42 million. of lei (484 requests).

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