Dorin Recean at the meeting with Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs: We remain committed to collaborating with our partners to enhance Moldova’s energy security

Prime Minister Dorin Recean recently held a meeting with Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Espen Barth Eide, where they engaged in discussions encompassing Moldova’s energy security, European integration efforts, and the bolstering of Moldovan-Norwegian relations across various spheres of mutual interest.

During the meeting, Recean highlighted Norway’s invaluable financial support, particularly in the education and defense sectors, and its significant contributions to energy projects within Moldova. He emphasized the utilization of grants, such as those from the Nansen support program, which have been directed toward initiatives like natural gas supply and storage, further fortifying Moldova’s energy resilience.

“We remain committed to collaborating with our partners to enhance Moldova’s energy security,” stated the Prime Minister, underscoring the nation’s strategic focus on economic recovery and investment in sustainable energy. Recean expressed confidence in Norway’s pivotal role in advancing these objectives.


Moreover, the Prime Minister underscored Moldova’s favorable business environment, citing ample opportunities for entrepreneurs, particularly in burgeoning sectors like information technology, electronics, and the transition to renewable energy. He also highlighted the potential for enhanced cooperation with Norway, particularly in trade, energy source diversification, and agricultural industrialization.

The meeting also delved into collaborative efforts in environmental conservation and afforestation, alongside discussions on infrastructure rehabilitation within Moldova, particularly within the context of ongoing reconstruction efforts in neighboring Ukraine. Politics discussed the prospect of opening the Kingdom of Norway’s embassy in Chisinau.

Espen Barth Eide expressed optimism about the imminent establishment of the embassy, affirming its symbolic significance as a demonstration of Norway’s steadfast support for Moldova, its reform initiatives, and its European trajectory.

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