Dorin Recean had a meeting with the European Commissioner for Justice. Topics discussed

Prime Minister Dorin Recean met with Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice. The officials talked about justice reform, anti-corruption policies promoted by the authorities, and the hybrid challenges facing Moldova.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean specified that justice reform is the most difficult. But it’s fundamental to achieve progress on all other dimensions. Currently, the authorities are focusing on assessing the integrity of judges and prosecutors, fighting corruption, and transposing European legislation in the justice segment.

“Our objective is to enhance the capacities of all actors in the system. To increase the efficiency of national courts, move forward with the court map optimization and digitize processes in the justice sector. Ensuring the rule of law is essential for all citizens and business people and to enhance the country’s investment attractiveness,” said Prime Minister Dorin Recean.


In this context, the European Commissioner for Justice congratulated the authorities on the selection procedure completion for a new Prosecutor General and gave the European Union’s support and expertise assurances in the justice reform process.

The two officials also discussed the need to strengthen the efforts of all European states in the fight against Russian propaganda and influence, especially during election periods.

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