EU offers 8 million euros to Moldova to strengthen resistance to cyber attacks and misinformation

The European Commission has adopted an eight-million-euro support package to strengthen Moldova’s resilience to cyberattacks and misinformation. The announcement was made by MEP Siegfried Mureșan, chairman of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with the Republic of Moldova.
“We are defending the Republic of Moldova from cyber attacks: 8 million euros, European support in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yesterday, the European Commission adopted a support package worth 8 million euros to strengthen the resistance of the Republic of Moldova in the face of cyber attacks and misinformation, which intensified with the invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, “said Muresan.

The money will be used to strengthen the cybersecurity infrastructure, but also to provide support to the independent media and the Audiovisual Council of the Republic of Moldova in order to combat false news.

“Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova has been the target of several cyber attacks on government websites and platforms, but also of a large number of fake news. In this context, the European Union is supporting the Republic of Moldova to help the Chisinau authorities protect state institutions and citizens from threats from the Kremlin, “Muresan said.

Financial resources can also be used to strengthen the capacity to manage the large flow of refugees from Ukraine.

“The Republic of Moldova is the country that has received the largest number of refugees per capita. That is why it needs our full support to manage the situation as well as possible and to provide the people fleeing the war with everything necessary “, the MEP added.


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