Expert in International Relations Emphasizes Political Will as Key to Moldova’s European Integration

Expert in International Relations from Bucharest, Costin Ciobanu, emphasized the importance of political will in advancing European integration in Chișinău during an interview on the show Punctul pe AZi, as reported by TVR Moldova.

Ciobanu highlighted that the integration process is complex, and all stages must be respected while strengthening institutions. He cited Romania’s experience and the lengthy process it underwent to integrate into the European Union.

“It is crucial to follow all the steps and strengthen institutions because ultimately, it is not just about adopting legislation in line with European standards. It is about ensuring that those legislative and institutional changes produce positive effects in society,” he said.


Ciobanu also mentioned that the political dimension of European integration is visible in Bucharest, Brussels, and other member states.

“The determination of the authorities in Chișinău to pursue European integration is crucial because, in previous Moldovan governments, the discourse on European integration was internalized, but the behavior and attitude of those in power were not entirely aligned with European values. It is evident in the visits to Chișinău and public statements that there is great confidence in the ability of Moldovan political leaders to follow this path,” he added.

Ciobanu stressed the challenges in strengthening institutional capacity in Moldova and the importance of identifying vulnerabilities and providing support, as demonstrated by yesterday’s decisions at the Foreign Affairs Council. He expressed gratitude for the existing support for Moldova’s integration into the European Union.

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