Exploring Moldovan Sayings and Cultural Values

Moldovan Proverbs represent a treasure of wisdom and folk tradition, passed down through generations. They bring the wisdom and experience of our ancestors and offer valuable advice for living a wiser and more harmonious life. In this article, we will explore some of the most well-known Moldovan proverbs that maintain the charm and authenticity of our national spirit.

  1. “Self-praise doesn’t smell good.” Explanation: Bragging about oneself is not well-regarded by others.
  2. “He who sows the wind will reap the storm.” Explanation: Negative actions or behavior can lead to serious consequences.
  3. “Man sanctifies the place.” Explanation: The presence and actions of good people can bring positivity to any environment.
  4. “Nothing is more precious than health.”
  5. “Where you give, where it cracks.” Explanation: Sometimes when you help others, it can backfire or cause problems.
  6. “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.” Explanation: Do not procrastinate; it is better to complete tasks promptly.
  7. “A sweet word brings many things.” Explanation: Kind and gentle words can have a positive impact and open doors.
  8. “God gives, but doesn’t put it in your bag.” Explanation: While blessings come, they don’t always come in a material form.
  9. “An old hen makes good soup.” Explanation: Experience often leads to better results.
  10. “Each person with their own cross.” Explanation: Everyone has their burdens or challenges to bear.
  11. “What you don’t like for yourself, don’t do to others.”
  12. “Too much talking, a person’s poverty.” Explanation: Excessive talking can lead to trouble or lack of success.
  13. “Do good, find good.”
  14. “The fish rots from the head.” Explanation: Problems often start at the top or with leadership.
  15. “The more you give, the more you receive.” Explanation: Generosity tends to be reciprocated.
  16. “Those who lack patience, will lack food.” Explanation: Impatience can lead to unfavorable consequences.
  17. “Strength lies in patience.” Explanation: Patience is a valuable trait that can lead to success.
  18. “Lies have short legs.” Explanation: Lies are usually exposed eventually.
  19. “No forest without dead wood, no life without troubles.” Explanation: Challenges are an inherent part of life.
  20. “Each person with their own luck.” Explanation: Luck and fortune are unique to each individual.
  21. “No good deed goes unpunished.” Explanation: Sometimes, even good actions can lead to negative consequences.
  22. “No man is an island.” Explanation: Humans are interconnected and reliant on each other.
  23. “Don’t go with a bag to the praised tree.” Explanation: Don’t expect to gain anything from someone who already receives a lot of admiration.
  24. “He who flies too close to the sun gets burned.” Explanation: Being overly ambitious or reckless can lead to downfall.
  25. “Those who love, suffer.” Explanation: Love can bring both joy and pain.


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