Fine Wine Guide 23/24: Showcasing Moldova’s Best Wines

The fifth edition of the Fine Wine Guide 23/24 was launched yesterday, December 21, 2023. The guide traditionally features a selection of 50 wines from both large and small producers in the Republic of Moldova, presented by author Andrei Cibotaru.

“It is a non-hierarchical selection, including white, rosé, and red wines, dry or sweet, all of them excellent,” mentioned the author.

Additionally, for the first time, the guide includes a section featuring the top 10 Moldovan sparkling wines—five produced using the classic method, with secondary fermentation in the bottle (champenoise), and five following the Charmat method (prosecco).

The Fine Wine Guide also provides recommendations for five Moldovan spirits from various producers, ranging from grape marc brandy to elite divins.


Furthermore, the guide describes the four protected geographical indication wine regions and highlights the main grape varieties in the Republic of Moldova.

The publication is now available in wine cellars and wineries across the country. Additionally, the guide can be explored in its electronic version.

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