PM Gravrilita “extremely concerned” about Russia’s upcoming action

According to Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita, if military operations advance in the direction of Odessa, the authorities will have even more cause for concern as they approach the Transnistrian region, where Russian forces are stationed. The comments were made during a CNN interview. The Executive Head emphasized that the Republic of Moldova is the nation most adversely impacted by the war, second only to Ukraine.

Natalia Gavriliță said when asked if the government is worried that the Russian Federation would attack the Republic of Moldova that it is a risk, especially given the presence of Russian forces in the separatist Transnistria region.

“We are concerned, of course. It’s a risk, it’s a hypothetical scenario now, but if the military actions will move further into the south-west of Ukraine, towards Odessa, we are very worried, especially since there are troops on the territory of the secessionist region of Transnistria. We are doing everything possible to maintain peace and stability and to ensure that the fighting does not escalate,” Natalia Gavrilița told CNN.


The war had huge economic repercussions for the Republic of Moldova, according to the prime minister of that country.

In a different vein, Natalia Gavriliță said that the residents of the Republic of Moldova expected the country to become a candidate for membership in the European Union, which was a huge win for the country.

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