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Convenient office location is one of the priority factors when Moldovans are looking for a job. This is indicated by the results of a survey among job seekers conducted by the Lucru.md website at the Job Fair in Chisinau.

One of the main reasons job seekers lose interest in a vacancy when looking for a job is the unspecified salary (84%). In the second place is the inconvenient schedule (61%). In addition, most job seekers are discouraged by the lack of prospects for professional development (56%) and an office far from home (55%).

Lucru.md asked the visitors of the job fair about salaries. Every third respondent, regardless of the field of activity, stated that he/she would like to earn 15,000 lei per month. About the same number of respondents said that 20,000 lei per month would be enough for them to live comfortably.

It was also found that only 14% of respondents have received a salary increment in the last three months. Another 30% of respondents received their last salary increase 3-12 months ago. More than a year ago, 18% of respondents received a raise, and more than three years ago – 21%.

When asked by Lucru.md what they would do if they were denied a salary increase, more than half of the respondents (53%) said that they would try to work better or more and would come back to the conversation about a raise at a more favorable time. But another 42% said they would immediately start looking for a new job. Only 5% answered that they will do nothing and will not raise the issue again.

Lucru.md is the first job site in Moldova with an interactive map of vacancies, making it easy to find a job near home or in a specific sector of Chisinau or a district of Moldova.

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