Ignatiev’s car was spotted near the Romanian embassy: Transnistria discusses joining Russia. The position of the head of the so-called Foreign Ministry is not clear

The possibility that Transnistrian MPs may ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to ask Transnistria to join Russia is being discussed, but the position of the head of the so-called Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vitaly Ignatieff, on this issue remains unclear.

The car of Transnistrian politician Vitaly Ignatiev was spotted outside the Romanian embassy in Chisinau. In 2022, the same automobile was spotted near the OSCE headquarters in Chisinau. The registration plates on the 2022 photos coincide with those on the pictures taken near the Romanian embassy, disinfo reports.

While Igor Dodon, a representative of the opposition Party of Socialists, is in Moscow meeting with Russian politicians, Ignatiev is allegedly working in the “opposite direction.”

After the constitutional authorities adopted amendments to the Criminal Code that toughened penalties for separatism, the so-called foreign minister continued to argue that this could affect the negotiation process or even restrict the rights of the region’s residents to freedom of movement.

However, this did not prevent some so-called ministers of the Transnistrian region from coming to Chisinau in 2023 and holding talks.


Earlier, the head of the Transnistrian region, Vadim Krasnoselsky, announced the convening of the Assembly of Deputies. His opponent, Gennady Ciorba, suggested that this assembly could make demands on the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Ignatyev has not yet commented on this situation.

In January, Ignatiev was summoned to the Security Service headquarters in Kyiv to face charges of “supporting an aggressor state.” He has yet to appear there, and the Ukrainian authorities have not commented. A Ukrainian ambassador in charge of communications with Transnistria met with Ignatiev and Krasnoselsky this week. What the politicians condemned is unknown.

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