Igor Grosu: June 1st Summit to Reaffirm Member States’ Support for Moldova

Discussions on the integration of Europe into the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova will begin in Parliament. This was stated by the President of the Legislative body, Igor Grosu, who mentioned that although PAS does not have the constitutional majority to modify the Supreme Law, the necessary votes could be identified. According to the leader, some opposition deputies may temper their Euroscepticism after major foreign policy events planned until the end of this year, as reported by ipn.md.

One of the provisions of the resolution adopted at the end of the “European Moldova’ Assembly aims to amend the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova to definitively and irreversibly establish the country’s accession to the European Union. According to the resolution, “this common aspiration of the citizens must be fulfilled by all political actors in the Republic of Moldova.” The President of Parliament believes that amending the Supreme Law in this regard is not an impossible mission.


“We will promote this in Parliament, we will discuss it with other deputies. You might say there are no votes, but if you start working on it, communicate, and in the end, I believe even those who were more skeptical, after the ‘European Moldova’ Assembly and other events that will follow this year, will become more determined and confident in our European path. Therefore, nothing is impossible. The summit that will take place on June 1 is part of a series of important events, and it will reaffirm the support of member countries for the Republic of Moldova. The ‘European Moldova’ Assembly is an unbeatable argument, in my opinion, for all our interlocutors that citizens want European integration. Additionally, the summit is an opportunity for them to see and feel our hospitality. It is a premiere, a historic event when Moldova hosts so many prime ministers and presidents of EU countries. We will show that we can be hospitable, good organizers, and Europeans,” said Igor Grosu in an interview on Radio Moldova.

The President of Parliament currently rules out the possibility of organizing a referendum on the subject of Eurointegration, stating that citizens have clearly expressed their desire to be part of the European family in the elections.

“The best referendums were the two electoral rounds, the elections of 2020 and 2021, and the ‘European Moldova’ Assembly was an additional confirmation. The citizens of the Republic of Moldova are pro-European, they opt for this goal, they want to be part of a world of peace, stability, and respect for people. That is why all these things are already confirmed,” added the President of Parliament.

Through the resolution adopted at the end of the ‘European Moldova’ Assembly,” citizens also urged the authorities to ensure the rapid opening of accession negotiations and to strengthen state institutions to guarantee the country’s accession to the European Union.

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