“Information protection and the fight against propaganda”: ​​the president proposes to create the “Patriot” Center

The “National Center for Information Protection and Combating Propaganda”, under the symbolic name “Patriot”, proposes to create by the president. According to Sandu, this is due to the “increasing phenomena of manipulation and disinformation in the Republic of Moldova”.

The task of the Center will be to coordinate and implement state policy in the field of information security and provide strategic communication to prevent and combat disinformation at the national level.

“The institute will have two main functions: to communicate truthful information to the general public and ensure ongoing dialogue with citizens, as well as to work with government agencies to advance the national interest and increase the resilience of our society to disinformation. As well as identifying, assessing, and combating disinformation, eliminating the risks generated by hybrid threats.”

On May 30, the text of the draft law on the creation of a new institution will be published on the website of the presidential administration for public consultations. And by the end of June, the draft will be submitted to Parliament for approval.

“Every day, the Kremlin and criminal groups carry out hybrid attacks, using propaganda weapons to sow hatred in Moldova, weaken our trust in each other and our state. Since the Kremlin cannot reach us with tanks, it sponsors the spread of lies in the media and social networks, investing huge amounts of money and funding criminal gangs with dirty money. Lies broadcast on television and the Internet have become the most dangerous weapon.”

At the same time, the President emphasized that “the right to freedom of speech is an indisputable value and underlies the democratic development to which we all aspire. But freedom of speech cannot be a cover for lies and intoxication.”

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