Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security: Vladimir Bolea’s Insights at the Karpacz Economic Forum

Vladimir Bolea spoke during the panel on “An Innovative Agri-Food Sector for Food Security and Climate Protection,” emphasizing the need to optimize agricultural production processes while considering the needs of consumers, farmers, and processors, all while being environmentally friendly and increasing business turnover.

“Citizens need high-quality, sufficient, and affordable food. The challenge arises when we talk about food sustainability, especially from an environmental perspective. With each passing year, we become more vulnerable to climate change. We must accelerate efforts to find solutions to transform how we produce, process, and consume food. If we all adopt a responsible approach, we could help producers create short production chains, thus reducing the distance between producers and consumers. In this regard, we should also explore opportunities in digital technologies that would allow us to improve all activities related to production and sales,” said Vladimir Bolea.

The theme of this year’s Economic Forum is “New Values for the Old Continent – Europe on the Verge of Change.”

The Karpacz Economic Forum is a high-level discussion platform covering topics such as security, energy, and international politics. The event brings together over 5,000 participants from Europe, the USA, Asia, and Africa.


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