Maia Sandu convened the National Commission for European Integration!

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, convened this morning the National Commission for European Integration (CNIE). During the meeting, the progress regarding the realization of the Action Plan for the implementation of the conditions put forward in the context of granting the status of a candidate country to the EU to the Republic of Moldova was discussed and the subsequent European integration priorities were established.

The members of the Commission analyzed the level of achievement of the decisions taken at the previous meeting, in August, when the Action Plan was approved and the inter-institutional coordination mechanism of the European integration process was discussed. Also, several measures to be achieved by the end of this year and the ways in which progress can be accelerated on some of the actions were outlined.

It was found that, at the moment, of the 35 actions to be completed by the end of the current year, eight have been completed. On December, 11 more are to be completed, and 16 of them carry a minor risk of completion.


In total, the Action Plan for the implementation of the conditions submitted in the context of granting the Republic of Moldova the status of a candidate country to the EU contains 60 actions.

President Maia Sandu mentioned that it is important that most of the remaining measures for 2023 are adopted and implemented by the beginning of next spring, in order to be able to invite the European Commission as quickly as possible to evaluate our progress.

The head of state mentioned in this context that more work and more involvement is needed, from all institutions, to advance at a sustained pace despite the complicated circumstances of the present.

The agenda of the meeting also covered anti-corruption measures, at all levels, by conducting proactive and efficient investigations, as well as by obtaining a credible record of criminal prosecutions and convictions.

Likewise, there was also talk of completing the reform of public finance management, focusing on improving public procurement at all levels of government. An important aspect discussed was the realization of the commitment to “de-oligarchize” the Republic of Moldova, which is also one of the recommendations formulated in June by the European Commission.

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