Maia Sandu stripped of citizenship a Moldovan who fought for Russia in the war with Ukraine

President Maia Sandu signed two decrees on deprivation of Moldovan citizenship, referring to the fact that the persons in question “committed particularly grave acts by which they caused substantial damage to the state.”

The press wrote a lot about one of these individuals, pro-Russian politician Alexander Kalinin. However, the first decree, signed last summer, remained unknown to public opinion, Europa Libera reported.

Dmitry Miron was stripped of his Moldovan citizenship in July 2023. His name appeared in the media six months ago, when he was identified among the military men with whom Russian President Vladimir Putin made a New Year’s speech.

Project Evocation, a Ukrainian database of Russian “propagandists, collaborators and agents” who participated in the war in Ukraine, calls Dmytro Miron a “terrorist.” Judging by his profile on this project, Miron was born on September 28, 1993, in Moldova. He did military service in the Carabinieri unit in Komrat and left for Ukraine at the age of 19.

The same source reports that Miron is currently a brigade commander in the town of Bryanka, Luhansk region, holds the rank of major, received the “order of valor” for his participation in the invasion of Ukraine, and was declared a “hero” of the separatist Luhansk Republic.

A short biography published on the website confirms this military record, noting at the end that Myron was wounded during the war in Ukraine but “is still serving in the Russian Armed Forces.”


In September 2022, President Maia Sandu warned that people who also hold Russian Federation citizenship could be left without Moldovan citizenship if they join the Russian army to fight in the war in Ukraine. The head of state also spoke of stricter sanctions for mercenaries.

The Presidential Office responded to Europa Libera’s inquiry in January 2024 that since assuming office, President Maia Sandu has signed two decrees stripping Moldovan citizenship.

In both cases, an article of the law on citizenship was cited as grounds, which states that citizenship can be revoked by a person “who has committed particularly grave acts causing substantial damage to the state.”

In November 2023, the head of state also revoked the citizenship of pro-Russian politician Alexander Kalinin, who is being investigated by the Moldovan prosecutor’s office for military propaganda. Kalinin is on the list of European and Canadian sanctions for actions against Ukraine.

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