Nicu Popescu in Brussels: “We have taken enormous steps to firmly anchor our country in the European area”

During his visit to Brussels, Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu met EU Director General for Neighborhood and Enlargement Gert-Jan Koopman and his team, whom he thanked for all the support provided in the process of obtaining a favorable decision on the start of accession negotiations for our country, MFAEI press service reported.

The officials discussed the necessary steps to start the negotiations, including the launch of the “screening” process, which is to assess whether Moldova’s legislation complies with the EU legislation standards.


During the visit, Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu exchanged views with Secretary General of the European External Action Service Stefano Sannino on further deepening the dialog with the European Union on political and security issues. The MFAEI head also held meetings with the foreign policy advisers of European Council President Charles Michel, Simon Mordue, and Magdalena Grono.

“We have made huge steps to firmly anchor our country in the European space of democracy, peace, and security, and the same pace is needed in the future,” Popescu said.

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