Maia Sandu’s message on International Women’s Day: I am proud of Moldovan women

On 8 March, International Women’s Day, President Maia Sandu of the Republic of Moldova issued a congratulatory message.

“I am proud of the women of Moldova who show the world. Every day that they can. They succeed in every field: research or sport, business, manufacturing or education, politics or health. They raise families, build and grow businesses, take risks, lead teams, educate young people, treat patients, and offer comfort to the suffering. With wisdom and courage, they find solutions to the most difficult problems. Moldovan women move the world. Thanks to them, our country is resilient and moving forward, even in uncertain times full of dangers and challenges.

On 8 March, on International Women’s Day, we appreciate the courage and dedication of women, and we undertake to build a European Moldova, where women and men live in harmony, with equal rights and opportunities a society where everyone can live freely and happily,” wrote the head of state on her Facebook page.


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