Marc Cools: The Council of Europe must protect the Republic of Moldova – this small and courageous state

In the December edition of the information bulletin of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (CALRCE), the newly elected leaders of CALRCE are presented.

Thus, at the 45th plenary session on October 24, 2023, CALRCE elected Marc Cools as President for a term of two and a half years.

Marc Cools represents Local and Regional Authorities from Belgium and has been one of the rapporteurs for the Council of Europe for the Republic of Moldova in recent years. “The Congress is a unique forum that brings together local and regional elected officials from 46 European countries. Within CALRCE, there is neither power nor opposition. We all work together, in consensus, to promote local and regional democracy throughout Europe,” stated Marc Cools in his inaugural speech.

It is worth noting that the executive director of CALM, Viorel Furdui, was elected as Vice President of the Monitoring Committee of the Council of Europe. Martine Dieschburg (Luxembourg) was elected as Vice President of the Chamber of Local Authorities, and Randi Mondorf (Denmark) is the new Vice President of the Chamber of Regions. Benoit Pilet (France) became Vice President of the Current Affairs Committee, and Jimmy Moloney (Ireland) is the new Vice President of the Governance Committee.


In another article, signed by one of the CoE representatives who traveled to the Republic of Moldova to participate as observers in the elections on November 5, their impression of our country and its democracy is described. “Upon landing at Chișinău Airport, you quickly realize that this country is among the poorest in Europe. A small airport and a single modern building welcome you.

During the first weekend of November, we participated in observing the local elections in the Republic of Moldova. During the briefing session, it quickly became clear that this small, brave, but poor country is under strong pressure from Russia. Let’s remember the social and health challenges, as well as the economic situation in this country. However, I was impressed by the young and ambitious professionals who are determined to develop their country both in terms of prosperity and democracy. We have work to do if we want to ensure democracy in the Republic of Moldova and prevent the influence and infiltration of Russia and oligarchs into Moldovan political institutions. The Council of Europe has been and is very active in the Republic of Moldova, and I can only emphasize how important it is to protect this small, brave state that is a neighbor to Ukraine.

I encourage everyone to read the report on the elections in the Republic of Moldova because it truly illustrates democratic development, as well as the threats and challenges that democracy faces at the eastern borders of Europe.”

Journalism matters; combating climate change, as well as the reports adopted during the 45th session, are topics found in the new issue of the CALRCE information bulletin.

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