Massive $60 Million Investment Planned for Moldovan Educational System

Sixty million dollars will be invested in the Moldovan educational system through the “Improving the Quality of Education” Project. Out of these funds, twenty million are a grant provided by the Government of the Netherlands, the Global Partnership for Education, and the Early Childhood Education Partnership, while forty million are a preferential credit offered by the World Bank.

The financing agreement was ratified by the Parliament on June 30th. Thus, the necessary legal framework exists to begin the project’s implementation. The investment needs in general education are substantial, ranging from facilities to teacher training, stated the Minister of Education, Dan Perciun, at the project launch event.

The Minister specified that fifteen schools and fifteen kindergartens will undergo rehabilitation. Two hundred schools will receive investments in ICT, and three new traditional high schools will be built in the north, south, and center of the country. Additionally, the project will support ongoing training for teachers and educators in kindergartens, and the early education support package will include equipping the country’s kindergartens with teaching and play materials.


Ingunā Dobraja, the World Bank’s Country Manager for Moldova, mentioned that Moldova has put significant efforts into improving the educational system, but there are still many things to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The war has brought many refugees to the country, and they need to be integrated into the system.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Republic of Moldova, Fred Duijn, noted that this project signifies even more investments in education. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is closely connected to the Republic of Moldova in these efforts.

The project is set to be implemented by the year 2029.

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