Medical equipment worth $1.8 million, donated by UNFPA to Moldovan hospitals

The latest generation equipment in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology, worth 1.8 million US dollars, arrived in the Republic of Moldova with the support of UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund. It will be distributed in 9 medical institutions throughout the country.

Today, a part of the medical equipment goes to the Institute of Mother and Child, the largest maternity hospital in our country, which welcomes 6,000 newborns annually.

The hospital will be equipped with high-performance lamps for the surgery rooms, surgery tables, equipment necessary for anesthesia, but also for monitoring the condition of the mother and the child at birth.

“Today, we received medical equipment for delivery rooms and surgery rooms. This equipment is critical for the safe delivery of babies in our institution. We received the intrauterine surveillance monitors of the babies, and I am sure that this equipment is very important, even vital for us”, said SERGIU GLADUN, director of the Mother and Child Institute in Chisinau.

The value of the equipment procured for the Institute of Mother and Child is 525 thousand US dollars and is intended for equipping the delivery ward, the operating theatre and the intensive care unit for the mothers and the newborns.

Now, the patients who arrive in the delivery rooms will benefit from much better conditions, say the doctors.


“We have to understand that it is very important to use the right equipment during a delivery. From this point of view, the birth chairs we received today are simply cosmos. They are much better than the ones we used until now, which we received back in 1982, when the Institute was inaugurated”, mentions RUSLAN SAMOILENCO, head of section no. 1 of obstetrics within the Mother and Child Institute.

Beyond the provision of resuscitation equipment, the medical institutions receive auxiliary equipment, which improves the quality of medical services, provides safety and saves valuable time in emergencies.

“We need stretchers like we need air. Until now, the stretcher had to be held in the hands, so that the patient did not fall. We are very happy with the equipment given and the stretcher. It will ensure that all operations are conducted effectively.” says LILIA RAZBORSCHI, senior midwife within the framework
Mother and Child Institute.

The modern equipment was procured with the support of the UNFPA, financed by the Government of the United States of America. It aims at meeting the needs of women from the Republic of Moldova and refugees from Ukraine. The value of the equipment lot is 1.8 million USD.

One of UNFPA’s top priorities is the health of women and expectant mothers, especially in these difficult times of crisis. As part of a humanitarian response, since the beginning of this year, UNFPA a delivered sexual health drugs and reproductive equipment to 41 medical institutions in the country.

Over the next two months, UNFPA will fully equip 22 delivery rooms in maternity hospitals in Balti, Cahul, Edineț, Ceadîr-Lunga, Comrat, Chisinau.

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