The EU Commissioner for Budget and Administration met with Natalia Gavrilita

The reform agenda for accelerating the European integration process and the current situation in the Republic of Moldova, in the context of developments in the region, were discussed today by Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița and the European Commissioner for Budget and Administration, Johannes Hahn. The officials noted that our country is going through a chain of complex crises, generated by the war in Ukraine. In order to strengthen its resilience in the face of numerous challenges, Moldova still needs the financial support of external partners.

The Head of the Executive noted that, despite the difficult situation in the country, the authorities remain fully involved in the implementation of the proposed reforms, and European integration will remain the irreversible strategic objective of the internal agenda. According to the Prime Minister, an ambitious and extensive Action Plan has already been approved regarding the fulfillment of the 9 conditions formulated by the European Commission.


“Obtaining the status of a candidate country for joining the EU makes us even more determined in overcoming the crises, especially in the areas mentioned by the European Commission. We are determined to work hard and are not looking for shortcuts on the way to membership. At the same time, we expect maximum efficiency in cooperation with our European partners and we are sure that our approach to the European Union, by obtaining the new status, will generate concrete results for people”, said Natalia Gavrilița.

The officials also spoke about the energy situation in the country, emphasizing that the Republic of Moldova remains the most vulnerable country. It needs alternative sources of supply. At the same time, the head of the Executive mentioned that our country relies on the establishment of a solidarity mechanism that will support us in purchasing energy at affordable prices. Also, support for further integration in the European energy market, by strengthening energy interconnections with neighboring countries and through increasing the electricity exchange between Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

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