Mihai Popsoi Meets with US Congressional Delegation to Discuss Security and EU Integration

Vice President of the Moldovan Parliament, Mihail Popșoi, held a meeting with a delegation from the United States Congress. The meeting was also attended by the Chairwoman of the Foreign Policy and European Integration Committee, Doina Gherman, as well as the Secretary of the Legal, Appointments, and Immunities Committee, Igor Chiriac, and the Member of the National Security, Defense, and Public Order Committee, Andrian Cheptonar.

The discussions focused on the security situation in the region, the reform agenda of the Republic of Moldova, and the country’s European path.

“Republic of Moldova is a vulnerable country in the context of the Russian Federation’s war in Ukraine. Currently, we are facing a series of challenges – attempts to destabilize the situation, propaganda, and cyberattacks on state institutions,” emphasized Vice President of the Parliament, Mihail Popșoi.


Additionally, the Vice President of the Parliament referred to the priorities in the government agenda, including ensuring economic growth. “We are trying to attract investors, but it is quite difficult because we are affected not only by the war but also by the energy security crisis. To succeed, we are striving to create a business-friendly environment,” added Mihail Popșoi.

During the meeting, there were further discussions about Moldova’s European path and the actions taken by the authorities to initiate negotiations for EU accession by the end of this year.

In conclusion, the members of the Moldovan Parliament expressed gratitude for the support given by the United States to our country. In response, American officials mentioned that they are willing to continue supporting the Republic of Moldova.

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