Mihai Popșoi, ready to bring gas even from Mars if it was cheaper: “We haven’t bought from Gazprom for a year”

In a recent interview on Exclusiv TV, Mihai Popșoi, a member of the PAS party and a Moldovan deputy, made a bold statement about the country’s gas procurement strategy. According to Popșoi, the gas purchased by Moldova might as well come from Mars, emphasizing the importance of securing a more affordable option than Gazprom, the Russian gas giant. Notably, Moldova has not bought “blue fuel” from Russia for over a year.

Popșoi stressed the significance of exploring cost-effective alternatives, highlighting the impact of Moldova’s smaller size on gas pricing. In his view, if a country is smaller and buys less gas, the price tends to be higher. He suggested that procuring gas from large-volume traders is more advantageous, potentially making gas procurement not only terrestrial but interplanetary.

“The gas can be even from Mars. We bought it cheaper than we could have from Gazprom,” declared Popșoi confidently.

The politician further pointed out that the pricing landscape was different when the contract with Gazprom was initially signed. He concluded by underscoring the advantages of utilizing trading services and storing gas in reserves.

Moldova’s unique approach to diversifying its gas sources and prioritizing cost efficiency showcases the country’s commitment to securing energy resources in a manner that aligns with economic considerations. As discussions around energy independence gain momentum, Moldova’s innovative strategies are capturing attention not only on Earth but seemingly beyond.

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