Minister Andrei Spinu promises a greener Moldova in 3 years!

The Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spînu, promised that in the next 3 years when we walk past the fields of the Republic of Moldova, we will see more wind installations and photovoltaic panels. The subject was addressed on the show “Punctul pe AZi” from TVR Moldova, the edition of Friday, January 27th. The official also emphasized that the discussions are taking place at a high level, including the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu.

“It is unfortunate from my point of view that we had another chance at the beginning of independence, but that did not materialize. Discussions are taking place at a very high level. I know Maia Sandu is in constant discussions on this topic. We continued to discuss at a technical level, to see which regulations we need. The colleagues from the nuclear power plant proposed that in the next period, they offer some scholarships for the students from UTM to go to Romania and learn, to take that experience because, in the Republic of Moldova, we hardly have it at all. And, little by little, we will get ready for such projects”, added Spînu.


At the same time, the deputy prime minister mentioned that these investments and types of partnerships will not happen quickly. These actions are needed today to ensure that future generations will be provided with safe energy resources and that they will no longer depend on certain political wills.

“At the beginning of the summer, we are ready to launch the tenders for the large renewable resource projects. Our objective is that by 2025 we have at least 30 percent of the energy consumed by our country, to be produced from renewable resources. A big step will be taken this year, we will also give approvals for the state support scheme for large projects. We will end up signing contracts for over 120 Megawatts of energy production from renewable resources. In the next three years, we will go to the fields of the Republic of Moldova and we will see more wind installations and photovoltaic panels,” he concluded.

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