Moldova Joins EU Sanctions on Russia: Nicu Popescu Emphasizes Stability Amid Oligarchic Concerns

Republic of Moldova has aligned with 4 out of the 6 sanction packages that, in one way or another, target individuals or legal entities from the Russian Federation. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Nicu Popescu, explained in a press conference that before aligning with any sanction regime, it undergoes “an analysis of its economic impact on the Republic of Moldova.”

“Republic of Moldova aligns with the absolute majority of foreign policy statements and sanction regimes developed and implemented by the EU. Several of these sanction regimes already applied in the Republic of Moldova also target the Russian Federation and other states. There are still some sanction packages that are subject to an economic impact analysis on the Republic of Moldova. Obviously, our goal is to maintain the stability and security of our country. All measures aligning the Republic of Moldova with new sanction packages also undergo an impact analysis conducted by other institutions. However, I want to announce that in the last year and a half, the Republic of Moldova has aligned with several sanction packages, some of which also target the Russian Federation; these things are already well-known to the public,” stated Nicu Popescu.

When asked about the information circulating in the public space regarding Ilan Șor’s departure from Israel and a possible meeting with politicians from the Republic of Moldova, the minister mentioned that he does not have additional information and cannot “confirm or deny” them.

In this context, Nicu Popescu declared that our country’s authorities, with the support of partners, will continue efforts for de-oligarchization and limiting destabilization attempts.

“You know well that a large number of countries, the EU, the USA, Canada, and others have imposed sanction regimes against these criminals, and this will continue so that these individuals cannot destabilize the Republic of Moldova, cannot bring the Republic of Moldova into the gray area of detrimental influences coming from the East,” emphasized Nicu Popescu.


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