Moldova joins EUCARIS, the European system in the field of vehicle registration

The Republic of Moldova will accede to the Treaty on the European Vehicle and Driving License Information System (EUCARIS), signed on June 29, 2000, and to the Protocol amending the EUCARIS Treaty, signed on June 8, 2017. A decision in this regard was taken by the Cabinet of Ministers, at today’s meeting.

The European Information System (EUCARIS) is a common system for the exchange of data and information on vehicles and driving licenses, and its strength lies in the rapid and interactive exchange of data, which is important when checking vehicle registrations, in the fight against car theft and related document fraud.


Therefore, the Republic of Moldova will benefit from access to a high-performance record system in the field of vehicle registration and driver’s licenses, as well as will have current and accurate data in this regard.

Our country’s accession to the Treaty and Protocol will have a positive impact by improving the road situation in the country, reducing discrepancies related to the degree of road safety, reducing the number of victims of road accidents, decreasing the number of accidents with serious consequences, as well as making drivers responsible and awareness of the risks associated with road rules.

The basic objective of the Treaty is to provide support in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of illegal acts against the normative regulations of each state party, in the field of driving licenses, vehicle registration, other fraud and criminal acts regarding vehicles or their registration.

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