Moldova Takes Vice Presidency Role at the International Labour Conference

In a historic first for our country, the Republic of Moldova has been conferred the role of Vice President at the 111th session of the International Labour Conference, held in Geneva, Switzerland, announces the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

This position will be held by the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Corina Ajder, who, in this capacity, will preside over several plenary sessions attended by ministers, secretaries of state, directors, labor inspectors, social partners, and other official delegates to discuss the report of the Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Gilbert F. Houngbo, on the topic of “Progress in the field of social justice.”

“I feel honored to represent the Republic of Moldova in this historic moment, where our country has been given such an important role in the most prestigious international forum addressing social and labor issues. Within this conference, we have collectively obtained rights that we now consider natural: the eight-hour workday, workplace safety, health, maternity leave, the minimum age for work, weekends, and holidays,” declared Corina Ajder.


From June 5th to June 16th, the 111th session of the International Labour Conference is taking place, bringing together over 6,000 delegates from 169 countries and international organizations, representing governments, trade unions, and employers’ organizations.

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