Moldova will have another airport!

The government is set to modernize the Mărculești Airport, and the details will be presented shortly, announced Andrei Spînu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, during the presentation of the results of one year of governance, writes

“There are already certain low-cost companies that would be interested in flying to Mărculești. The airport is the best equipped and can be put into operation the fastest”, pointed out Spînu.

The authorities want to make this airport operational and have announced that they are going to see what the volume of investments is in the next 12 months so that one or two companies can operate flights from there.

Mărculești International Airport was founded in 2004, on the basis of the military unit in Mărculești and has an area of ​​265 hectares. The enterprise includes two components: the Mărculești International Airport and the Free Economic Zone. In 2018, the Airport was transferred from the Ministry of Defense to that of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure.


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