Moldova will open more polling stations abroad during fall elections

During the upcoming elections, officials will open more polling stations abroad, especially in regions where previous elections recorded high turnout.

According to the Electoral Code, officials should determine the locations and number of polling stations 35 days before the elections. The decision will based on three criteria: the number of voters who took part in the previous elections, the number of voters registered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and based on preliminary registration, said CEC chairwoman Angelica Karaman, writes.

So far, 1,500 diaspora voters have pre-registered in the CEC’s online application. Most registrations come from Romania, Germany, Italy, and France. At the same time, 200 people have registered to be able to vote by mail, which is a mandatory measure for those who choose this type of voting.

Under certain objective circumstances, such as when the host country refuses to allow the opening of several polling stations, the election may last two days.


Depending on the circumstances, Moldova also will open polling stations in the Russian Federation, at the Moldovan embassy, and elsewhere.

“First of all, we need to fight lies. If voting by mail is unimplemented in the Russian Federation, it does not mean that our citizens will not vote there. We will open polling stations in Russia. First of all, at the Moldovan Embassy. But also in other places,” said Angelica Caraman.

Currently, we have 2,739,000 voters on the voter list. It is a database containing information on all Moldovan citizens who have reached the age of 18 and are available to vote.

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