The Charm of Picturesque Life in Moldova

Moldova is home to many stunning sites. Still, many of these places are either poorly maintained or underdeveloped, making it difficult for tourists to visit and enjoy them comfortably. Recently, however, an increasing number of people, including property owners and nature enthusiasts, are creating tourism businesses aimed at showcasing Moldova’s breathtaking landscapes.

”Ograda cu Salcami”

Location: For a tranquil getaway, consider the “Ograda cu Salcami” guesthouse located in Raciula Village, nestled amidst lush hills and picturesque surroundings. Situated approximately 62 kilometers from Chisinau and just 10 kilometers from Calarasii town, the journey by car takes about an hour. Travelers opting for the bus can purchase tickets at the Central Bus Station for routes serving the area, with several options available.

Accommodation and prices: Accommodation at “Ograda cu Salcami” includes six spots, and guests are welcome to pitch their own tents in designated areas in the stadium and in the courtyard. The property features four parking spaces, hammocks, swings, bean bags, and facilities for mini-football and badminton. An outdoor screen and projector are available for movie nights, while dartboards and board games offer additional entertainment. A dedicated barbecue area is provided for grilling enthusiasts. Please note that “Ograda cu Salcami” does not provide catering services, allowing guests the freedom to prepare their own meals. The nightly rental rate for the vacation house is 3500 lei, with potential for negotiation as indicated by the owners.

Excursions/ other activities: For thrill-seekers, a hiking trail has been set up to introduce tourists to the wonderful places near the guesthouse and to showcase breathtaking landscapes seen from the hilltops, and it is totally free.

La Albinuta

General description: Founded by enthusiasts who discovered a niche for bee products during a local producers’ fair two years ago, this venue offers more than just accommodation. Visitors can rent gazebos, experience apitherapy services, and enjoy guided tours among the bees with tastings of honey products.

Location: Located in Bravicea Village, Calarasi District, “La Albinuta” (“The Little Bee”) is a newly established vacation cottage. Bravicea Village is renowned for its picturesque hills and abundant forests, situated approximately 51 km from Chisinau.

Accommodation and prices:

– Simple excursion + tasting – 50 lei per person;

– Excursion with lunch included – 250 lei per adult, children aged 3-12 years old – 80 lei;

– Gazebo rental + playground for 4 hours – 600 lei (Monday-Friday), 1000 lei (Saturday-Sunday after 16:00);

– Gazebo rental for the whole day for 20 people – 1000 lei (Monday-Friday), 2000 lei (Saturday-Sunday);

– Apitherapy services subscription – 2 hours per day, for 10 days – 500 lei per person;

– Apitherapy services subscription – 2 hours per day, for 5 days – 300 lei per person;

– Apitherapy services for 2 hours in a single day or 8 hours at night – 100 lei per person;

– Family apitherapy services (4 sleeping spots) – children over 12 years old pay;

– Group apitherapy services subscription – 2 hours per day, for 10 days – 400 lei per person;

– Group apitherapy services subscription – 2 hours per day, for 5 days – 200 lei per person;

– Group apitherapy services for 2 hours in a single day or 8 hours at night – 80 lei per person;

– (Group of 10-20 people) One family with up to 6 children – 1000 lei;

– Two families with up to 10 people – 1500 lei;

– Three families with up to 15 people – 2000 lei.


”Pe Toloaca” Glamping

Location: Milesti is located 94 kilometers from Chisinau and 25 kilometers from Nisporeni. By car, it takes approximately one and a half hours to reach. You can also travel by minibus, which operates regular trips twice a day (at 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM) to the village. Tickets can be purchased from the Central Station in Chisinau, costing around 72 lei. Minibuses to Nisporeni depart from Chisinau every half hour, and from there, you can contact the owners of the campground who will pick you up by car.

General description: For over a year now, Milesti has become a magnet for tourists seeking to discover new places and go hiking. In Milesti, the “Pe Toloaca” campground has been established, where you can rent tents or bring your own to explore the region’s attractions. In fact, “Pe Toloaca” is almost like a glamping experience (glamour + camping) due to its excellent facilities and services available on-site.

Accommodation and prices: The campground offers five tents on wooden platforms, each equipped with a double bed and a single bed, complete with mattresses and sheets. Additionally, the tents include tables and chairs. On the campground premises, there is a modern bathroom with hot showers. A communal summer kitchen with a refrigerator and stove is also available. Hammocks are installed for reading or relaxation after hikes. Moreover, there is a barbecue area and a large tub filled with hot water, perfect for unwinding after a day of travel. Weekday accommodation costs 1000 lei per tent, while those bringing their tent will pay 400 lei. The latter will have access to all the campground’s services. During weekends, one night costs 1300 lei, and 1500 lei with breakfast included for two persons. Breakfast can also be ordered by weekday guests for 150 lei. “Pe Toloaca” does not provide other food services, so visitors are encouraged to bring their own cooked meals or ingredients to prepare in the campground’s facilities. To enhance hiking experiences, the campground offers bicycles for rent at 100 lei per rental.

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